September 8, 2021

9 Habits for Better Sleeping

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9 habits for better sleep Feel More Gooder mouth taping

Welcome to this post: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

9 Habits for Better Sleeping

The older I get, the more paramount I realize sleep is. I subconsciously used to run myself ragged. Now, I know that It’s not cool to run on zero sleep. You are only hurting yourself by sacrificing your precious hours of sleep to get things done.

When your body is out of commission for sleep, vital processes are taking place. Think: hormone production, detoxification processes & reproductive health. Also, your central nervous system gets a break from the demands of everyday life.

I realize everyone lives a different lifestyle and has different family demands, job demands, etc. But, I just want to start the conversation around prioritizing sleep. Unequivocally, you can empower yourself to reprioritize your nighttime habits so that they serve your sleep. It’s not about perfection, rather just changing the trajectory of how many of your actions support healthy sleep.

Disarm EMFs to Prevent Sleep Interruptions

Electromagnetic frequencies & radiation around us have implications on our wellness, unfortunately. There are a few things you can do at night time to mitigate the negative implications and disruptions to sleep. A few of these habits include turning off your phone or putting it in airplane mode & shutting off your wifi.

Additionally, a way to stay continuously protected is to have Airestech devices in your home. These EMF protection devices effectively protect you from the harmful effects of electromagetic frequencies in your home. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 25% off your Airestech order.

emf protection sleep 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

You’re reading: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

Essential Oils that Support Relaxation

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that have therapeutic & aromatic uses to promote wellness & even specific health targets. For instance, essential oils like lavender & rosemary innately possess compounds that support serenity & relaxation. It’s a simple way to utilize a few of the gifts nature has given us to get you into a restful state.

These oils work well in a diffuser or added to a lotion that you apply pre-bedtime.

I like these single oils & blend by Ancient Nutrition, a supplement brand formulated by Dr. Josh Axe.

You’re reading: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

Mouth Tape for Sleep

Mouth taping may sound crazy when you first hear about it. However, it’s simply a way to encourage nose breathing as you sleep. Although we have habitually become mouth breathers, it’s not the most optimal way to breathe. Your nose is designed primally for air filtration & oxygen uptake, while your mouth & gastrointestinal tract are mainly meant to process & assimilate food.

I keep a roll of masking tape on my bedside. It’s not a fancy way to do it, but it keeps my lips sealed while I sleep. If you want strips that are specifically designed for the use of mouth taping, check out Somnifix.

Take Sleep Vitamins

Brands like Hilma (code FMG20 for 20% off) and Mind Body Green are rethinking sleep support supplements with their melatonin-free formulas. Too, these sleep vitamins are drug-free and organic. Additionally, they are gluten-free, non-gmo, and vegan.

I take these right before bed as I’m winding down. Moreover, I noticed that I feel well-rested the next morning when I take them consistently. There was no grogginess or struggle to wake up. Too, I tend to rotate which one I’m taking for a sense of ingredient variety.

You’re reading: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

hatch sleep clock sunrise meditation natural circadium rhythm cortisol stress

Rethink Your Alarm Clock

When is the last time you thought about an alternative to your morning buzzer? If you’re like me, then you hadn’t thought about it much. That is, not until you heard about Hatch. Hatch has reinvented the morning wake up routine. It’s even amplified your sleep routine, too.

Hatch allows you to wake up with light. The light starts dim and increases in brightness to trigger your waking. This way mimicks the way our ancestors woke up. They were in tune with the sun rise and sunset. It helps your cortisol levels and circadian rhythms to get back to that.

Wear a Sleep Mask

When the body detects light through the eyes (or even the skin!), it becomes alert and awake. Since sleep is meant to be a state of restfulness, it’s best to limit all light exposure when sleeping. Especially if you have any ambient light (even small amounts like from an electronic charging), this can be very helpful.

Wearing a sleep mask is a ritual I’ve found makes a big difference when there’s ambient light. I like this one from The Detox Market.

Also, investing in black-out blinds in your bedroom can make a big difference, as well.

Use Botanicals to Create a Calming Environment

Botanicals sprayed into the air & onto your pillow are another simple way to boost your sleeping environment. I love this pre-bed habit. After I spray my chosen mist, I take a few deep breaths to take in the aroma & chill out a bit.

I like this Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist by OSEA. Use code FMG10 for 10% off. Also, this Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist by Primally Pure is my favorite if I need to clear bad vibes before I go to sleep. Use code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off. For a wildcrafted essential oil blend that you could use in a diffuser, I love the Sweet Sleep Serum by Living Libations. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off.

You’re reading: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

Incorporate CBD Oil

Cannabidiols, the active compound that’s more commonly known as CBD, has been a helpful sleep aid for me. I love that it’s a natural plant compound with no side effects. It’s THC free, so there is no “high” feeling attained. In addition to ingesting a CBD oil sublingually, I like to use topical CBD lotions on my achey parts to aid recovery & mitigate inflammation/pain.

For CBD oil, I have a few in my rotation, but Biofit360 Revive CBD Oil is one of my favorites for internal use. For topical use, I like the Biofit360 Relief Cream. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off.

cbd oil 7 Habits for Better Sleeping
Other habits to support better sleep include:

-Getting off of screens at least 30 minutes before bed

-Sleeping with your electronics in a different room (turned off if you’re able to)

-Having a bed & bedding that you look forward to sleeping in (we love our Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic Mattress. Game changer for us)

Thanks for stopping by this post: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

Have any habits to add that have made a difference to you? I would love to read them in the comments below!

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No matter what you’re typing into your search engine, I’m glad you’re here. Good sleep has helped me feel my healthiest and overall feel vital. And, I’m stoked you’re in the market for some tools to help you better your sleep.

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