January 8, 2024

Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation – Master the Cold Months

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Welcome to this post: Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation.

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With the change of seasons comes a change in daily habits, diet, amount of time spent outside active, amount of downtime, stress levels, sleep patterns, etc. All of these habitual practices can add up to effect how your system is working. For instance, living a more sedentary lifestyle can contribute to less than optimal blood circulation. Also, eating more processed, ultra-dense foods over the holidays can cause some digestive distress and slowing of gastrointestinal emptying.

I’m not suggesting we feel bad about the change of seasons, these seasonal habits, etc. However, I am a fan of being in tune with the season and being aware, adaptable, and conscious of how you can change your behaviors to best serve your health. This is where herbs come in and it’s truly one of my favorite lens’ to look at herbs through: everchanging support as you and your unique body needs it.

Even though I’m not new to herbs, I still think it’s so cool that there are different herbs (sooo many) that offer different actions in the body. Thus, learning more about herbs, gathering resources (books, getting familiar with herb brands’ formulas) can really equip you with useful knowledge to best help yourself as you go through life.

Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation

Cinnamon Cassia

*Included in Elix’s Get Well & Zoey’s Digestif tincture formula

Cinnamon Cassia, also referred to as Rou Gui, warms the kidneys, spleen, and heart and strengthens Yang. Rou Gui also disperses deeply rooted cold, and warms/breaks up stagnation in your body. This action results in alleviated pain. Also, this process helps return your Yang fire back to its source, which assists in the generation of Qi and building rich blood.

In the western world, Cinnamon Cassia has become a common kitchen medicine for treating nephropathy, dysmenorrhea, menoxenia, and diabetes. It’s also been proven helpful in the fight against degenerative cognitive/brain disorders. Also, this herb is known to effectively target pain related to inflammation, such as menstrual cramps, sore joints, aching muscles, and even allergic reactions.

Side note/fun fact: oil that’s extracted from cinnamon, called Eugenol, has been used as a local anesthetic and antiseptic by dentists.

“Cinnamon is a highly powerful antioxidant, even outranking garlic and oregano in the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), which ranks all foods according to their antioxidant capacity.”

– Dr. Liem Le, DAOM, MS

You’re reading: Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation.


*Included in Elix’s Get Well tincture formula

In TCM, Atractylodes supports the spleen (responsible for starting the conversion of food to energy) and tonifies qi. This herb also dries dampness, promotes water flow & metabolism throughout the body, and stops sweating (sometimes chronic or spontaneous) due to qi deficiency. 

From a western medicine view, Atractylodes has antibacterial, diuretic, anti-ulcer, and metabolic properties. Atractylodes has been proven to improve immune function, diminish stress response, aid the liver, and keep blood sugar stable.

Side note/fun fact: Atractylodes is a member of the sunflower (or Asteraceae) family. They are named for the star-like structure of the flowering portion of the plant. However, in TCM, the root is used.

Additionally, Atractylodes is used for immunity, stress, digestion and is often compared to ginseng. Too, this herb has also been looked at in regards to managing uterine muscle contraction and PCOS.

Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation elix healing herbs feel more gooder
Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation elix healing herbs feel more gooder

*Included in Elix’s Get Well tincture formula

Astragalus is used to “invigorate vital energy (Qi)” in Traditional Chinese Medicine and strengthen your body’s resistance to disease. This herb also strengthens the spleen and elevates the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach. 

From a western view, Astragalus is considered an adaptogen, meaning it can change its function depending on the specific needs of the body it’s given to. Moreover, Astragalus is a sought out medicinal herb for the treatment of gynecological diseases, including menstrual disorders (example: heavy periods or absence of a period), female genital pain, menopausal disorders, etc. Astragalus is also thoughts of as a deep immune tonic.

Side note/fun fact: Astragalus is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine to prolong life.

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*Included in Elix’s Get Well & Zoey’s Digestif tincture formula

Ginger is a key herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for moving blood, providing warmth, expelling cold, and purging toxicity from your systems. It’s widely used for treating ailments ranging from the common cold to the stomach flu.

Through a western medicine lens, Ginger is used to reduce nausea, diarrhea, and bloating while increasing digestive juices & functionality. Ginger also has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulant properties. And, it is even proven to reduce pain and fever. Too, ginger has been studied in comparison to ibuprofen for pain relief.

Fun Fact: Ginger is a rhizome, which is an underground stem, not actually a root. And, you can grow ginger in your own garden by planting rhizomes found at the grocery store. they shoot vibrant new green growth up through the soil from the rhizome.

“Ginger has been served with sushi (my fave!) for centuries as people noticed that if they ate raw fish and ginger together, they would get sick less frequently. We now know this is due to ginger’s antibacterial and anti-nausea properties.”

-Lulu, Founder of Elix

Angelica Sinensis

*Included in Elix’s Get Well tincture formula

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Angelica normalizes and regulates menstruation by creating new blood, ramping up blood flow, and dispersing cold blood. It also addresses constipation by assisting the intestines with increased fluid necessary to carry out digestive processes.

Through the views of western medicine, Angelica is seen to provide provides Folic Acid, Iron, Biotin, Calcium, and Vitamins B12, A, and E. Angelia Sinensis also has antibacterial properties, and has been proven to balance hormones and invorgorate the immune system. This potent herb also helps to generate red blood cells.

Side note/fun fact: Angelica is known as the ‘female ginseng’ because of its incessant, ubiquitous, frequent use in treating women’s health & menstrual-related conditions.

“Angelica is not only commonplace in a Chinese medicine cabinet, but also a kitchen. It’s often cooked with Astragalus (Huang Qi) into a chicken soup in order to aid recovery from labor or a particularly painful period.”

-Lulu, Founder of Elix

Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation elix healing herbs feel more gooder

You’re reading: Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation.

Winter Herbs for Qi Stagnation elix healing herbs feel more gooder

Poria Mushroom

*Potentially included in Elix’s Cycle Balance tincture formula, depending on your constitution after taking Elix’s Health Assessment

Poria is an edible mushroom that squashes inflammation (thus reducing menstrual cramps) and protects nerve cells, which alleviates depression and boosts your mood.

In Chinese Medicine, Poria dries up dampness, promotes healthy/regular urination, and even strengthens the spleen. Poria also quiets the heart and calms your spirit, all adding up to relaxation and mental clarity.

In regards to western medicine, Poria is an antibacterial and antidiarrheal antioxidant. It helps to protect the liver and immune system, and has been shown to inhibit the growth of human cancer cells.

Side note/fun Fact: Poria cocos is named for its sclerotium, which is the hardened fungal mycelium containing food reserves, and resembles a small coconut.

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No matter what brought you here, I’m genuinely appreciative for your time, curiosity, and support! Also psyched for you to discover Elix! This is such a beautiful and unique brand that helps harness the power of plants to balance the body.

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