Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap

Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap is Osmia’s best selling soap, made with Black Australian clay and Dead Sea mud to balance and tone the skin. This is one of the very first products I tried from Osmia Skincare, and I quickly fell in love. I completely understand the hype around this product, and it’s all well deserved. My skin is so clarified, healthy looking, healthy feeling, and balanced after using this bar – all without stripping my skin like so many bar soaps do.

Organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils in this Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap condition the skin, leaving it soft and nourished. Coconut milk helps create the beautiful, white lather. This soap is safe to use if you have perioral dermatitis and is a soothing routine for acne-prone skin.


Normal, problem, and combination skin. For extremely sensitive skin, try a test patch on your inner arm first – the dead sea mud can be mildly tingly.


Use one to two times daily. Rinse skin well and gently pat dry.

Osmia is all about better ingredients. They’re picky. Only exceptional-quality ingredients make it into their formulas, and they each have a job. Osmia is also into better results. It turns out that doctor-formulated products can still feel and smell extraordinary while doing the work of getting your skin to its healthy place, as the founder is a reformed ER Doc turned organic soap maker!

Lastly, Osmia is all about the planet. From ingredient sourcing to the chemicals they avoid to the tree they plant with every order, they’ve got the earth in mind.