November 17, 2021

6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands

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Welcome to this post: 6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands.

osmia osea blissoma follain clean beauty skincare

The cooler months are upon us! Many of us may find ourselves washing our hands more than normal these days. Thus, that frequency paired with the cold temps often makes for dry hands. Too, hand dryness can quickly lead to cracks in the skin, broken cuticles, and an overall unpleasant crusty feeling.

In other words, it’s hand cream season! I say, get the heck away from really bad skincare and get the pure stuff. There are so many good options. Know that many generic lotions and hand creams contain ingredients like artificial fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and dimethicone. These are associated with allergies, endocrine disruption, skin + eye + lung irritation, and organ system toxicity. The Environmental Working Group lists these ingredients as concerning.

So, here’s a solid opportunity to keep a clean skincare option on hand to prevent this dryness. It won’t be a surprise that the hand creams I recommend are non-toxic & have clean ingredients. Moreover, this means that these formulas nourish and quench skin without exposing your body to chemicals.

I’ve included a few of my favorite picks below for non-toxic hand creams. Further, these formulas are mindfully curated. I truly believe you’ll look forward to using them. Also, I’d suggest keeping several around your house/car/purse so that you have it when you need it.

Also, know that hand cream formulas commonly differ from many body lotion formulas in that they are denser. Since your hands have the natural oil (sebum) stripping from them often, then need more moisture. Thus, hand creams ideally present as a rich, luxurious, dense product.

osea anti-aging clean hand cream

OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream

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OSEA doesn’t disappoint with this antioxidant rich hand potion. Also, ingredients like Bearberry, Damiana Leaf, and Gigartina marine algae amplify this formula.

So, I do prefer “health-supporting” as a phrase over “anti-aging”. However, I know that some consumers search for that as their skin starts to mature. Thus, I understand a brand using that wordage.

osmia organics vanilla shea hand cream

Osmia Organics Hand Creams

*As of 11.30. Osmia has released 3 NEW hand creams and discontinued the Vanilla Shea & Linden Rose creams they offered before.

Osmia’s vanilla shea formula (they also make a Linden Rose version) is rooted in shea butter & aloe vera. Moreover, this potion is the remedy for miserable hands and will soak into your skin within a few minutes. Too, you’ll notice there’s no goopy residue.

Also, organic ingredients like Sweet Almond, Rose Geranium, Atlas Cedarwood, and Vanilla Planifolia CO2 extract make this product special.

follain hand cream

Follain – Hand Cream

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Follain, a clean beauty online marketplace offers a hand cream that’s vegan and non-GMO. Moreover, the base of this cream is shea butter glycerin, and squalane. Also, it provides an effective yet non-sticky barrier on the skin.

Too, Follain’s hand cream is free of synthetic fragrance and awakened by orange peel extract and paeonia albiflora flower.

the wonder seed nurturing hemp hand cream

The Wonder Seed – Nurturing Hemp Hand Cream

The Wonder Seed’s creamy hand product features virgin organic hemp seed oil. Also, the special characteristics of hemp seed oil are abundant. It includes all 10 amino acids that humans require and it helps calm inflammation.

Too, the formula is rounded out by organic water lotus blossom extract, gingko herbal extract, and organic green tea extract.

blissoma neroli healthy hand cream

Blissoma – Neroli Healthy Hand Cream

Lots of hydration and restoration, without the greasiness. As usual, Blissoma has created a mindful & beautiful potion with this product. Too, it’s loaded with carotinoids, antioxidants and phytosterols that promote healthy skin.

Cupuacu seed butter, shea butter, and sesame seed oil form the foundation of this hand cream. Too, a multitude of other thoughtfully chosen, synergistic ingredients reside in this product. Thus, you’ll also find frankincense, lavender, and sea buckthorn CO2 extract.

cannafloria be sensual hemp hand creme

Cannafloria – Hemp Hand Creme

Notes of neroli and sandalwood ground this sensual formula. Cannafloria’s Hemp Hand Creme packs essential oils and is infused with hemp seed oil THT. Moreover, THT stands for thera-hemp terpenes. These are found in hemp cannabis.

The restorative benefits of hemp fortify this already silky formula. Too, this product absorbs easily and provides Omega-3 & 6 to the skin. Lastly, the pure ingredients in this formula aim to relax & reconnect. The idea is to reconnect to the present moment thru the power of botanicals. All while having moisturized, happy hands.

Thank you for stopping by this post: 6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands.

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